NESU’s effect will enable healthier phone conversations.

NESU, using its unique technology, prevents the absorption of negative radiation from mobile devices by the human organism.

NESU is the result of seven years of research and development and is patented.

NESU is suited for use in all mobile devices.

NESU is something you will wish to have - for yourself and your family.

Today’s society is characterized by the use of high-tech devices. As such, people are increasingly under the influence of electromagnetic fog or ambient fields with different frequencies, in their everyday lives. EMG radiation can cause a number of negative symptoms on the human body, including impaired concentration, headaches, chronic fati- gue, endocrine system disorders, amongst many others. For most people, mobile devices represent the largest potential source of EMG radiation by me- dium field intensity, which may have a significant negative impact on human health. Despite the risks, mobile communication has become such an integral part of our everyday lives that many of us could not function without the use of mobile devices. NESU was created after long-standing research aiming to protect people from the damaging influence of electromagnetic fog; it is recommended for any person who uses mobile devices or is exposed to electromagnetic radiation in any other way.

Effects of radiation on the human body

When a mobile device is turned on, it constantly emits magnetic impulses. During a conversation or when sending a text messaging, an additional high frequency radiation is created. Some of the symptoms and health problems that may occur as a result of frequent use of mobile devices and presence of mobile device transmitters* include:

• feeling of heat and numbness around ear

• headaches

• tinnitus

• acoustic nerve tumours

• impaired concentration and memory

• chronic fatigue, sleeping difficulties, depression

• restlessness and heart palpitations

• increased susceptibility to infection

In light of the above, numerous research findings reco- mmend that children under 12 years of age should not use mobile phones at all. Examples of radiation absorption during mobile phone conversation in people of various ages:

Source: Om P. Gandhi, Underestimation of EMF/NIR Exposure for Children for Mobile Telephones and for Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Systems, International NIR and Health Workshop- Brazil, May 2009 * Source: Wolfgang Maes, ‘Stress from Electric Power and Radiation’, ISBN 3-923531-22-2; Mara Marken, ‘Do Mobile Devices and Their Transmitters Cause Various Disorders?’, ISBN 3-00+010930-7;; www.salzburg.;;;


10 ways to reduce the effect of mobile device radiation:

1. Use wire headphones or speakerphones when using mobile device or Bluetooth.

2. Limit the time spent on mobile telephone conversations to 30 minutes a day.

3. Never use your mobile device whilst it is charging.

4. Hold the mobile device as far away as possible when making a call.

5. If kept in the bedroom, turn off the mobile device during night.

6. Place wireless landline telephone and internet base unit in an entrance area instead of in communal rooms where most time is spent.

7. Keep mobile devices away from children.

8. Move away from others whilst they are using mobile devices, in order to reduce additional exposure to radiation.

9. Keep mobile devices away from the reproductive organs, and the body when possible.